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As Sir William Osler says "Medicine is to be learned only by experience; it is not an inheritance; it cannot be revealed. Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell, and know that by practice alone you can become expert. Medicine is learned by the bed side and not in the classroom see, and then reason and compare and control. But see first".

We prefer to expertise our profession viz., the healing art by practice and experience, by analyzing even our successes, which is a good learning aspect as far as homoeopathy is concerned. That is why we rely much on the practical aspects of curing rather than the theory by taking up challenging cases the results of which, namely the cures, stand out to be miracles of homoeopathy. These miracles always we believe, echo and re-echo the superiority of homoeopathy over the other systems of medicine. A few out of many miracles.

A case of Brain Tumour

This is a case of a female child aged 12 years bearing the name baby K.K. who was brought to us with a brain tumor of pituitary body in an advanced stage with a probable life span of 3 months and was denied treatments by neurologists and ophthalmologists.

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A case of Shoulder Dislocation

This is a case of recurrent dislocation of shoulder joint since 5 years in a patient named Mr. A.N. of age 34 years which started in his 29th year after an accident.

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A case of Anxiety Neurosis

This is one of the many cases of very widely and rapidly increasing disease of anxiety neurosis in a patient named Sk.N of age 38 years who used to suffer from anxiety for various causes and was kept on sedatives like alprazolam, diazepam etc. for 3 years which resulted in many side effects.

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A Case of Uterine Bleeding

This is a case of dysfunctional uterine bleeding in a female Mrs. B.N. of age 32yrs.

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A Case of Sciatica

This is a case of sciatica in a person aged 51 yrs and named Mr. D.S.R in the profession of cultivation.

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A Case of Fissure in anus

This is a case of fissure in anus in an individual named Mrs. M.V.P. of age 40 yrs.

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A case of Hypothyroidism

This is a case of hypothyroidism in a female aged 30 years and name Mrs. D.N.

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A case of Tonsillitis

A patient named Sk. S of age 31 years approached us with swelling of tonsils studded with ulcers.

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A case of Leucoderma

This is case of leucoderma in a child of 10 years and named S.R.S. resident of nellore who is suffering from de-pigmentation of skin with white coloured patches covering almost 80% of the skin over chest, abdomen, back, upper and lower limbs.

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A case of Crohn's Disease

This is a case of Crohn's disease, who is under treatment, to a patient named Mrs. S.Y.V. age 28 years, resident of Texas, America diagnosed 2 years ago and was under allopathic treatment viz., ramicade infusions taken periodically in 6-8 weeks span.

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A case of Delayed Speech

This is a case of backwardness of speech in a boy of 7 years and named N.J. He has been denied speech in some reputed hospitals of Chennai. At the time he was brought to us 2 years back he was unable to speak at least two letter words. He is a child of RefractoryRefractory
Most of the other systems of medicine view mental diseases as an independent entity without any relation with the other physical ailments.
nature and profound mental dullness.

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A case of Infertility

This is a case of infertility in a patient Mrs G.A. of age 26 years from a fibroid in the fundus of uterus.

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